About Nixma Game

Crypto currency is designed by solving math based problems cryptography. Nixma Game makes Nixma Coin Token product based on ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain serves as a cryptocurrency where transactions can be done in the ethereum network. By relying on third-party Ethereum Blockchain, you can invest easily, safely and comfortably.

Nixma Coin unique breakthroughs will be used as coin payment for online betting or gambling using transactions over the Ethereum Blockchain network. Based on research results, that betting or online gambling on blockchain world is not very popular for most users.






We do not plan to be the first and only Blockchain-based betting platform, but we will deliver a set of benefits and features that can truly set us apart from the competition, including uniquely disruptive innovations such as our High Roller Club or local event betting

Mission “What believe we can do”

The mission of Nixma Game is to develop the excellence of gambling systems on the Internet world with the latest systems of higher quality than others and anywhere.

Vision “What be believe we can be”

The vision of Nixma Game is to build the most trusted online gambling in the world and create fierce competition between every online gambling player in the world

Our Challenge

‘Challenge’ is a word to fight what you want to fight.

Quantity & Quality

The quality of Nixma Coin as a gambling coin without having its own blockchain which makes it easy for investors or online gamblers to find where you can look for Nixma Coin.

Protect Data Security

Advances in artificial intelligence have the potential to make the internet environment dirty because dangerous cyber attacks will certainly increase by way of stealing personal information from everyone and taking advantage of hackers.

Nixma Development

With a variety of development methods Nixma Game will become a platform that has very much and unique access in the future. with various types of development put together will make Nixma Game more than just a platform for gambling on the world.


Our method and vision

Nixma Game Application Layer :

The Application Layer is comprised of all the betting and gaming applications accessible to players via the Nixma Game platform. We will support the most common Web-based and mobile platforms, including both iOS and Android operative systems.

Our Betting Platform

Our betting platform offers players an intuitive interface to bet on a variety of events. To illustrate the basic functionality of the Nixma Game social betting platform, we made our prototype. It includes a selection of sports and leagues and can be tested using a free virtual currency.

Decentralize Payment Systems

Development The Nixma Game Protocol will be offered to third parties, such as conventional betting agencies, as part of our business model. In the specific case of conventional betting agencies, the transition to our solution would provide them with significant benefits

The main issue

of gambling decision-making and transparency and reliability

The Nixma Game platform will be developed as a state-of-the-art solution in terms of security, scalability, versatility, stability, and betting engine accuracy. Its modular architecture will enable a smooth implementation of new features and integration of third-party solutions.

How it works

Our Ecosystem based on blockchain and we solved issues of current and future

Build blockchain algo gambling model.

The Nixma Game platform provides a set of tools so that developers can focus on creating premium DApps while the platform takes care of the rest. For the platform’s services, the developer will pay a small percentage n of the their DApp’s operating income

Nixma Community Advantage

The community of DApp players will benefit as a whole as they join the platform on its odyssey towards becoming the world’s leading blockchain gambling platform. The more a user plays, the more tokens they will be able to mine.

Target your goal to reach out.

Nixma Game token holders are the core of the Nixma Game gambling platform. Every DApp hosted on the gamling platform will share a portion of the winnings with Nixma Game token holders through the “NixmaDrop.” The NixmaDrop will take place everyday and incentivize ecosystem participants with Nixma Game token

Token Economics

Our initial coin offering will run till softcap reached. Full details of the ICO can be found within the platform.

50,000,000 Total Token Supply
$360,000 USD Hardcap Funds
$100,000 USD Softcap Funds
30,000,000 Supply tokens for Sale
$0.025 USD Nixma Token Price
ETH, BTC, USD Acceptable Currency

Bonus Details

Private Sale
Pre Sale
Public Sale
chart Token Allocation
  • Token Sale Program 60%
  • Reserve Fund 8%
  • Team and Founders 15%
  • Board Advisors 4%
  • Ecosystem Development 7%
  • Marketing and Bounty 6%
chart Funds Allocation
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Our Partners

Verisafe x Nixma
Coinnes x Nixma


Core Team Member

Jonathan Pangborn
CEO & Founder Nixma
Alexandro Guirero
CSO & Co-Founder Nixma
Marcus O'Neil
CTO & Co-Founder Nixma
Paul Blezensky
CMO & Co-Founder Nixma

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